Sunday, September 4, 2011

Screenshoot Installation Process - Citrix Xen Server 5.6 SP2

Citrix XenServer is a production-ready, fully-functional, bare-metal hypervisor, XenServer uses the Xen hypervisor to virtualize each server on which it is installed, enabling each to host multiple Virtual Machines simultaneously with guaranteed performance. XenServer allows you to combine multiple Xen-enabled servers into a powerful Resource Pool, using industry-standard shared storage architectures and leveraging resource clustering technology created by XenSource.In doing so, XenServer extends the basic single-server notion of virtualization to enable seamless virtualization of multiple servers as a Resource Pool, whose storage, memory, CPU and networking resources can be dynamically controlled to deliver optimal performance, increased resiliency and availability, and maximum utilization of data center resources. To start the XenServer installation process follow this instruction.

Download Citrix XEN Server Free Edition here :  

Warning: Installing XenServer will overwrite all data on any hard drives that you select to usefor the installation. Back up any data that you wish to preserve before proceeding.

First insert the XenServer CD into the CD drive of the host you want to install XenServer on. Then reboot the host and follow the XenServer wizard to complete the installation process.

Boot Option Citrix Xen Server
When the Welcome to XenServer Setup
screen is displayed, click Ok.
Following the initial boot messages, select your keyboard layout.
Click Ok.
Read and accept the Citrix End User
License Agreement (EULA)
Warning if Hardware Virtuaization assist support is not available on system
Some Guest OS can't boot when HV not available
If your host has multiple hard disks,
choose a primary disk for the installation. Click Ok.
Select Local Media as your installation source. Click Ok.
When prompted about if you would like to install any supplemental packs,
choose No to continue.
Select Skip Verification. Click Ok.
Set and confirm the root password for your XenServer host
(save this password as it is required later).
Click Ok.
Select Automatic configuration (DHCP). Click Ok.
For Hostname Configuration, select Manually specify:
and enter your XenServer host name in the space below.
For DNS Configuration, select Automatically set via DHCP.
Click Ok.
Set the time zone by selecting the geographical region
of your XenServer host. Click Ok.
Select a city in your time zone. Click Ok.
To set the network time, choose Using
NTP. Click Ok.
For NTP server, select NTP is configured by my DHCP server.
Click Install XenServer to complete the installation process.
Citrix Xen Server Installation Process
Once the installation is complete,
remove the CD and click Ok to reboot the
Citrix Xen Server Boot Process
Finally Citrix XEN Server Ready to use,
using this  XenServer IP Adress to access and
install XEN center from Client Browser

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